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The Samurai Protocol permanent expert English 
3300 - 5800 eur
Headquarters: Zug, CH

Dear Developer Community,


I am looking to hire a CTO for a new blockchain start-up: The Samurai Protocol.


White Paper Abstract:


Profit is the only determinant of success within laissez-faire markets. While an efficient indicator for the majority of markets it is deficient in calculating social, environmental, philanthropic, or scientific values. The Samurai protocol is built on the premises that success within a marketplace is not always fairly defined by profit. The protocol tethers economic value to customised key performance indicators. Thus, an Investor may invest inside a certain project, funding the endeavour, and extract a profit when the success indicator has been completed. Such a system could offer an alternative solution to funding public goods, requiring appropriate success indicators to be designed around specific markets.


The Network provides the foundational infrastructure for decentralised applications to be constructed, creating new markets with custom-built Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) addressing inefficiencies within existing markets. Each application creates an ecosystem for projects and investors to collaborate upon. By Investing inside a project an investor receives a tokenized asset whose value is correlated to the performance of the project. As the project KPIs increase the dividend that the asset produces will be of greater value.


This dynamic is enabled by the Samurai Network’s native crypto assets: Blue Coin, Trust token and Centia Coin. Blue Coin is a price stable asset which serves as the vehicle which capital flows into and out from application ecosystems. The Trust token is a unique asset produced when projects within ecosystems complete KPI’s. Trust tokens can be described as the network’s Digital Mining CPU. The power rating of Trust tokens depends on the KPI achieved by the project; projects that have higher KPI’s will produce more powerful Trust tokens and hence more valuable dividends for their investors. Centia Coin is the Network’s naturally scarce crypto asset which retains intrinsic value. It functions as the networks central store of value and profit token. To be entitled to economic rewards from inflation and fundraising revenue, miners must stake their Centia holdings combined with Trust tokens to engage in mining. Trust tokens multiply the effective mining power of Centia token, the multiplier value attributed to them depends on the success of the projects which produced them. Thus, a demand is created for miners to purchase more powerful Trust tokens from investors to increase their mining efficacy.




The Samurai Protocol is aims to revolutionise how projects are funded. We are in the process of forming the founding team consisting of the CEO, COO and CTO. The project target seed round is $2 million which we are aiming to secure by September or earlier. Investors are ready to commit, once the founding team is in place. The platform that the project will built on has not been finalised with potential frameworks being: Solana, Cardano, Polkodot, Avalanche due to high quality fundamentals. However, we are still open to other recommendations and discussions with a qualified CTO. The position requires extensive experience in blockchain programming as well as creativity from an architectural and design perspective. Additionally, the CTO will be expected to have managerial skills in order to expand and lead the programming team. Once the seed investment is secured a full-time developer wage can be expected as well as a full commitment. However, pre-investment the candidate is expected to contribute. Additionally, the CTO can also expect to be rewarded from the founding pool of governance tokens.


If anyone is interested in finding out more about the opportunity, please contact me on telegram:


The Whitepaper will only be viewable for potential candidates.


Best regards,

Nikita Steel


The Samurai Protocol

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