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Green-Got permanent mid french, english 

We are building a bank application with current & saving accounts, money management, wire transfers, and card management. We are launching on the French market at the start but the next step is to go global.

The endgame is to offer a solution that will reduce the carbon footprint of our clients by redirecting their money from carbon-heavy positions to eco-friendly ones AND to provide a better banking experience.

We are building a NextJS API and static front end and react native applications. The NextJS backend is mostly a proxy to our providers for banking and money management services. Connecting our backend and those services, and test that connection would be your most important task.

You have worked for at least a couple of years with TypeScript on the backend. You know how to write clean and well tested code. You want to make all your code dead simple to read. Experience with the banking or payment industry is a big plus. You don't need to be a degrowther vegan but you must have a certain sensitivity to climate issues.

You can work from wherever you want, when you want, as long as you deliver. We intend to build a long-term relationship with our employees. So, the best candidate would be a french national that we can hire under french law for long term contracts. But we are open to international candidates on a C2C invoicing relationship. Being not too far from Paris time is a plus.

The budget for this position is 4500 euros per month, 54000 euros per year ($65k). The end net salary will depend on the country you live in.

How to apply
- Start a NextJS project. - Create a GET route on /api/greetings with a first_name parameter that returns a simple "Hello ${first_name}!" in the payload key of a JSON object. - Create a POST route on /api/create_user that takes a JSON object with a firstName and a lastName keys and returns those keys and the values fully capitalized into the payload key of a JSON object. Your API needs to return usable errors for everything that could go wrong (missing parameters, not found route, wrong method...) - Write a small series of tests. Choose your weapon for the tests. - Update your code on GitHub - Deploy the result on (on the free tier) - Send me the github URL, the test command, and the deployment URL. - If it passes the basic tests, we setup a meeting to talk about your code. - Then you talk to the others to check that you are a good fit. If you are, you're hired.
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