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Koa is a JavaScript web framework for building web applications and APIs. Find best koa remote jobs.

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Aurity b2b mid English 
2000 - 3100 gbp
Headquarters: London, GB

Aurity, Tech Accelerator from London is hiring a senior or mid-level JavaScript engineer, primarily with backend fundamentals but also ability to work full stack on web applications.

Required skills:

  • experience with backend JavaScript (Express, Koa, Sails or similar)
  • experience designing REST & WebSockets APIs
  • Docker basics relational databases & SQL (ideally Postgres)

Bonus skills:

  • experience with React & state management (experience w/ Vue or Angular also a plus)
  • experience with other web frameworks (Sails, ASP.NETMVC, Django, Laravel, RoR...)
  • experience with ORM & data migrations (knex, Sequelize, Entity Framework Code-First etc.)
  • modern JavaScript (ES6+) & tooling (babel, webpack, eslint...), TypeScript
  • AWS infrastructure experience (EC2, Route 53, S3, CloudFront, SDK/CLI)
  • Google infrastructure experience (Play Store, Store Developer API, GCP, Firebase, Subscriptions)
  • Apple infrastructure experience (App Store, Auto-renewable Subscriptions, push notifications)
  • Stripe infrastructure experience (Stripe Connect)
  • *nix command-line basics
  • container orchestration & Kubernetes
  • experienced in automating tests (Mocha, Jest, Selenium, NUnit, RSpec, Cucumber…) 


  • One month #hackerhouse that we arrange every 6-8 months at some tropical destination. You can join the team there, have some fun and work. We make sure, the internet connection is very good. Next will be in Canary Island!!! :) 
  • Opportunity to join internal workshops.
  • Get paid for additional education and conferences.
  • Work on R&D tech and create next React-Native
  • Very interesting projects including blockchain
  • We are open to new projects, and we would gladly work on a realization of your idea where you would stay the leading owner.

Want more? Let’s talk we are always open for new ideas!

How to apply
Sounds like a perfect job? If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]
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Koa is built on top of Node.js, which means that it can run on the same server-side platform as Express and other Node.js-based web frameworks. It uses a middleware architecture, which allows developers to easily add functionality to their applications by stacking small, single-purpose middleware functions together.

One of the main advantages of Koa is its small size and low overhead, which makes it a good choice for building lightweight web applications and APIs. It also has a more modern and expressive syntax than Express, making it easier to read and write code.