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Remote firebase Jobs

Mothership permanent senior
4100 - 5800 eur
Headquarters: Tallinn, EE

Mothership engineering team is working towards Exchange product release. You have an excellent opportunity to jump on-board and join us on this exciting journey. Here is the portrait of a person we’re looking for.

You agree that JavaScript has won the war, at least for now. It’s your favorite tool, and you mastered it while making apps and web servers for years. Your favorite front-end framework is React.js. You can use it in different variations depending on a task and a project size. You are an expert in node.js. You know it’s architecture, and you don’t hesitate to use a profiler to improve the performance of a service. You’re following best development practices. Your code is nice and clean, and you can be on the same page with your teammates about this. You passed through times of manual deployments and now enjoy the era of Docker containers. However, you prefer to be serverless. Although you can spin up any services and self-manage them, you're more happy with using managed cloud solutions. You love Firebase. You can tell us at least a couple of stories how did it help you to solve a business problem in hours instead of days and weeks. You’re not trying to dump QA responsibility on someone else. You agree that testing is a developer’s responsibility. You are proud of your typical above 95% test coverage. You can organize CI/CD flow and push a constant stream of features and patches to a staging environment, then to the production.  We are all constantly learning, but that’s not your first reason for joining us. You come here, first and foremost, to add another solid mark in your track record of successful projects. You listen to business needs and can evaluate priorities. You don’t want to be micromanaged. You are feature and delivery oriented. You are keen to make a great product. 


  • Five years of production experience in apps and web servers development;
  • Expert knowledge in node.js and react.js;
  • Confident UI development with HTML and CSS;
  • A track record of projects built with Firebase and other serverless tools;
  • Experience building scalable APIs which is able to handle high-volume traffic;
  • Experience working in a startup environment;
  • A strong team player with excellent communication skills;
  • Ability to hack things together quickly;


  • Improve, add new features and build new software solutions for Mothership;
  • Design and implement APIs to integrate Mothership’s products with internal and external services;
  • Optimize development process by bringing best practices and improving CI/CD pipeline;
  • Own and deliver maintainable, well-tested code.

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