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Remote angular Jobs

ITSG b2b senior Polish, English 
8 November
15000 - 20000 pln
Headquarters: Warsaw, PL

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ITSG to innowacyjna firma typu software house działająca na polskim rynku od ponad 15 lat. Wyróżniamy się kompleksowością i innowacyjnością przeprowadzonych projektów i wdrożonych produktów dla firm z sektora instytucji finansowych, medycyny, farmacji, telekomunikacji oraz mediów. 

Obecnie poszukujemy doświadczonych Frontend developerów, którzy będzie się zajmować rozwojem nowych funkcjonalności złożonego systemu bookingowego służącego do zarządzania delegacjami oraz rozliczania ich kosztów. System ma za zadanie integrować usługi rezerwacji biletów lotniczych, kolejowych, hoteli oraz ofert wypożyczalni samochodowych. 


  • Min. 4 lat doświadczenia w programowaniu w JavaScript
  • Doświadczenie z frameworkiem AngularJS/Angular 7/8 (mile widziane najnowsze wersje)
  • Bardzo dobrej znajomości HTML5, CSS3, SCSS
  • Doświadczenia z RWD


  • Wynagrodzenie: 90-120+vat/h
  • Dogodna lokalizacja biura (Warszawa lub Białystok)
  • Praca zdalna 2-3 dni w tygodniu, po 3 miesiącach, możliwe zwiększenie wymiaru pracy zdalnej
  • Elastyczne godziny pracy
  • Korzystanie w codziennej pracy z najnowszych narzędzi i technologii
  • Przyjazną atmosferę w pracy
  • Indywidualne szkolenia i możliwość awansu
  • Benefity: lekcje j. angielskiego, kartę Multisport i prywatne ubezpieczenie medyczne.

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ITSG b2b senior Polish, English 
18 October
16000 - 20000 pln
Headquarters: Warsaw, PL

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ITSG to innowacyjna firma typu software house działająca na polskim rynku od ponad 15 lat. Wyróżniamy się kompleksowością i innowacyjnością przeprowadzonych projektów i wdrożonych produktów dla firm z sektora instytucji finansowych, medycyny, farmacji, telekomunikacji oraz mediów. 

Obecnie do naszego zespołu poszukujemy doświadczonego Angular Developera, którego zadaniem będzie zbudowanie hybrydowej wersji aplikacji na Androida dla jednego z naszych niemieckich klientów. Aplikacja ma za zadanie pomagać użytkownikowi rozpoznać groźne dla zdrowia sytuacje oraz wskazać postępowanie w doraźnej pomocy.


  • Min. 5 lat doświadczenia w rozwoju oprogramowania JavaScript/TypeScript,
  • Praktycznej znajomości frameworka Angular 7/8,
  • Doświadczenie w tworzeniu aplikacji hybrydowych,
  • Praktycznej znajomości Ionic 4 i Cordova 8/9,
  • Znajomości HTML5, CSS3, SASS,
  • Znajomości środowiska Intellij IDE,
  • Znajomości języka angielskiego na poziomie umożliwiającym swobodną komunikację (min. B2).

Mile widziane:

  • Znajomość języka niemieckiego.


  • Wynagrodzenie: 100 - 120+vat/h,
  • Możliwość wyboru systemu pracy (100% zdalnie, hybrydowo lub na miejscu w Warszawie),
  • Możliwość wyboru sprzętu,
  • Korzystanie w codziennej pracy z najnowszych narzędzi i technologii,
  • Przyjazną atmosferę w pracy,
  • Indywidualne szkolenia i możliwość awansu,
  • Benefity: lekcje j. angielskiego, kartę Multisport i prywatne ubezpieczenie medyczne, imprezy integracyjne.

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permanent senior English 
8 September
5800 - 12500 usd
Job description


We are a young, lean, funded AngelPad company looking for an experienced Senior Frontend Engineer with experience building SaaS products. We are a fully distributed team with people working all around the world. You will have the flexibility and freedom to work in the environment of your choosing, whether that be at home, a cafe or co-working space. We're looking for a senior engineer to help build our API-First core app using JavaScript/AngularJS/React and Scala/Play.


You love code. You love to take raw ideas and build great products with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You know JavaScript is imperfect, but you embrace its functional side and genuinely enjoy coding with it. You might like to talk about obscure computer science topics, but really, you just want to write simple code and ship new products and features to customers (or improve existing ones).

You love great UX. You spend most of your time coding, but you also have an eye for great design and a feel for great UX. Maybe you were once a designer (or still are) or maybe your creative outlet has always been the code. Either way, you care about more than just the code.

You love learning new things. You love researching new tech and driving forward with the implementation details. Your focus is on frontend JavaScript code, but you can dig in wherever needed. Scala, CSS, build tools, shell scripts, you name it. If you don't already know it, you're ready to learn it.

You can balance lots of concerns. Frontend apps have to take into account performance (using networks and devices that we can't control), customer demands, A/B tests, UX research, code quality, a rapidly changing ecosystem of languages and modules, and the list goes on. And we actually want to ship things too! You can balance those demands without getting overwhelmed and keep the needle moving forward.

You love helping others. You love sharing knowledge with the rest of your team, building shared tooling for other engineers, giving back to the open-source community, and directly helping customers.


  • Research, guide, and execute frontend architecture changes, including but by no means limited to planning our migration to React, implementing Redux best practices, and transitioning code to TypeScript.
  • Build reusable React components, migrate AngularJS components to React, manage data on the client with Redux, and test everything with Jasmine.
  • Measure and resolve performance bottlenecks, using tools like Chrome DevTools, Lighthouse, WebPageTest, or custom tooling.
  • Refactor or improve existing code. We're planning to migrate our frontend to React, but we still have a lot of AngularJS code to clean up. And we constantly find ways to improve all of our JavaScript code.
  • Work closely with our product, design, and UX teams to create amazing and intuitive experiences that make it effortless to connect different apps together.
  • Help put tools, processes, and documentation in place to improve our code quality.
  • Review code written by other team members or other teams.
  • Ship to hundreds of thousands of users every day while having lots of autonomy in terms of code and feature ownership.


  • 5+ years of software development experience
  • Experience with building and maintaining a SaaS product at scale
  • An affinity for creating software that is extensible, performant, and easy to read
  • A degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field

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Accounto (via Bee Talents) b2b mid
3 July
3000 - 6000 eur
Headquarters: Swiss/Poland, PL

Accounto combines unique technology and expertise. Together with Parashift, as a member of Treuhand Suisse, the company is a competent partner in matters of trust, security and profitability. as the product guarantees the reduce of costs and the time spent completing the bookkeeping by 90%. For skeptics, curious and doubtful people, Accounto offers the opportunity to get an idea of automated bookkeeping - everyone can test Accounto free of charge for 30 days.

Accounto Technology was founded in 2016 by Alain Veuve and Jan-Hendrik Heuing, now employs 16 experts from the fields of: fiduciary, financial accounting, software development and machine learning. Accounto is a technology provider for structured accounting intelligence. The company pursues the goal of fully automating accounting work. Through the autonomous accounting, Accounto creates more than one accounting tool and/or an accounting template to simplify the work. Accounto takes care of the work itself. Sounds interesting?

Accounto's infrastructure: microservices. Tech-stack: JavaScript + Angular 7.2 + Angular Unit, TypeScript, SASS, Bootstrap, Ruby 2.6 + Ruby on Rails 5/6 + rSpec, Python 3.7.2, PostgreSQL, Docker, Electron, GIT. In love in Agile, Pair Programming and TDD with standarised code and e2e testing!

Now, we're looking for an experienced Angular Developer. Is it something for you?

Your tasks & responsabilities:

  • Implement new features into our current applications.
  • New products, set up base architecture, and integrate existing modules.
  • Improving our infrastructure.
  • You might help our support teams and possibly fix bugs.
  • Implement mobile apps as well as desktop apps based on the same codebase.

Our expectations:

  • Expert skills with Angular (Not AngularJS), Typescript, Javascript, SASS, Bootstrap.
  • Well experienced with Angular unit and e2e testing.
  • Proficient with Git and Gitlab.
  • Docker experience welcome, but not necessary.
  • Experience using Agile Methodologies and Test Driven Development.
  • Experience with Ruby or Python is a plus but not necessary.
  • Perfect would be experience with Electron.
  • Write well designed, testable, efficient senior level code by using best software development practices.
  • Be comfortable coming into a large codebase and be able to follow existing patterns, conventions, and figuring out how existing code fits and works together. Recommend better ways and discuss this with the team to increase our overall standards.
  • Have strong opinions on how software should be produced, but are willing to make compromises when appropriate.
  • Provide input, options, and recommendations on software features and system enhancements.
  • Gather and refine specifications and requirements based on technical needs.
  • Provide recommendations into emerging technologies/industry trends and apply them into operations and activities.
  • Communicate with the team. Share the problems you have to get help from the team. Share your experience to help the team grow.
  • Work according to priorities which have been set by you or your coworkers such that we can rely on your work.

Our offering:

  • Flexible working hours.
  • An "Employees First" Paradigm.
  • Fair wages.
  • A great team with ambitious goals.
  • Great office with good traffic connections.
  • Development opportunities and freedom.

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ITSG b2b senior Poland 
27 June
15000 - 20000 pln
Headquarters: Warsaw, PL

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ITSG to innowacyjna firma typu software house działająca napolskim rynku od ponad 10 lat. Wyróżniamy się kompleksowością i innowacyjnościąprzeprowadzonych projektów i wdrożonych produktów dla firm z sektora instytucjifinansowych, medycyny, farmacji, telekomunikacji oraz mediów.

Obecnie poszukujemy Senior Fullstack .NET Developera, którydołączy do bieżących projektów dla niemieckiego klienta. Będziesz pracował nadrozwiązaniami, dzięki którym będą wykrywane i rozwiązywane potencjalne problemyzwiązane z bezpieczeństwem i zgodnością z przepisami.


·        min. 5 lat doświadczenia w programowaniu w C#

·        Znajomości .NET core

·        Dobrej znajomość nowoczesnej składni TypeScript

·        Doświadczenia z Angular 2+

·        Znajomości systemów kontroli wersji (GIT)

·        Znajomości Visual Studio i Webpack

·        Komunikatywna znajomość języka angielskiego(min. B2)


·        Wynagrodzenie: 90 -125+vat/h

·        Prace zdalna 100% (mogą pojawić się sporadycznewyjazdy do klienta w Niemczech)

·        Korzystanie w codziennej pracy z najnowszychnarzędzi i technologii

·        Przyjazną atmosferę w pracy

·        Indywidualne szkolenia i możliwość awansu

·        Benefity: lekcje j. angielskiego, kartęMultisport i prywatne ubezpieczenie medyczne.

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11 April
6700 - 13000 pln
Headquarters: PL

10Clouds is a place created by software developers and for software developers, where you can work on exciting projects in a team of top talents. Our team is responsible for designing and developing web and mobile applications for clients located all around the world.

Join one of our beautiful offices in Warsaw, Wrocław or Poznań or work 100% remote.

We’re on a constant lookout for software developers driven by the passion for creating beautiful code. Being part of 10Clouds, you will have the opportunity to work with brilliant people and improve your skills as a software developer.

Essential Skills and Capabilities
  • 2+ years of experience with JavaScript – ES2015+
  • Experience in developing web applications using Angular, React, or another modern framework
  • Being comfortable HTML5 and CSS3
  • Experience with version control systems, preferably Git
  • Communicative level of English – both spoken and written
  • Eagerness to learn and constantly improve yourself
  • Being a team player focused on getting things done
Additional Assets
  • Experience in working in Scrum and Agile Teams
  • Experience with Node.js
  • Experience with one of: Webpack, Gulp, Grunt
  • Experience with SASS or LESS
  • Hands-on experience with Linux environment
What We Offer
  • Salary: 6700-13000 PLN + VAT (B2B) depending on your skills. Alternative forms of employment are also available
  • Flexible working hours
  • Equipment of your choice (MacBook Pro or Dell)
  • Workplace of your choice (one of our offices, co-work or remote)
  • Multisport card
  • Private medical care
  • Paid time off
  • Participation in team and personal education activities eg.: workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Co-financing of English classes
  • Up-to-date office library with programming, design and business books
  • Cozy kitchen with healthy snacks, drinks, fresh fruit, vegetables and specialty coffee
  • Chillout room with PlayStation, table football and board games
  • Quarterly team integration budget
  • Regular events & team retreats (eg. a huge company’s birthday party, friday evening beers)
  • Internal workshops & regular knowledge-sharing talks
  • Attractive culture & values
  • Unique welcome pack

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develocraft b2b senior
3 April
9000 - 15000 pln

Frontend Developer in this project will be responsible for:

  • Build UI of our product in close cooperation with the Backend Team and the Graphic Designer
  • Participate in the full life cycle of development from specification and design through implementation, testing and support
  • Work closely with the product team, developers and testers
  • Create new functionalities as well as extend and improve existing ones
  • Share knowledge and work within international team
  • Use the top of the line tools: track your Scrum stories in JIRA, keep your code and merge requests in GitLab, use Jenkins for automated building and testing and analyse code with SonarQube.

What do we need from you to join in this project:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in similar position with orientation on building modern looking, user friendly and responsive web applications
  • Full proficiency in Angular 2+ (we are using 6), TypeScript and Jasmine
  • Experience with other JavaScript frameworks (like React or VueJS) will be an advantage
  • Good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3
  • Ability to write unit and acceptance tests
  • Knowledge of Git

What we can offer you in this project:

  • Full remote work
  • Elastic benefit system
  • Have an actual impact of how biggest banks around the world are stopping money laundering and terrorism financing activities!
  • Work however you like: from the office or home office (remote work)
  • Travels with to client locations in London, Switzerland, USA or Singapore. You don’t want to travel? Also great! Help us make our product better from Poland
  • Benefit from the attractive Employee Stock Ownership Plan
  • Improve your language skills through organised Business English courses and have real opportunity to use this language on a daily basis
  • Get access to the newest ideas and concepts by attending top Tech/IT conferences, meetups and networking events
    Take part in regular get-togethers, including seasonal parties, international meetings etc.

Salaries depend on experience:

  • 9 k – 15 k PLN net + VAT/month for B2B contract + 20 days off during the year (optionally we can offer a contract of employment) or 500 – 800 PLN net + VAT M/D days off.

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ASTEK Polska b2b senior
15 February
12000 - 15540 pln
Headquarters: Warsaw, PL


● Analyse requirements and provide delivery estimates

● Design solutions for requested functionality, incl. front and back end, web UI, data models and transformation

● Develop, maintain and deploy the front and back end code of the application

● Design and implement integration solutions with up- and downstream systems

● End to end Quality Assurance for all components of the system, including testing strategy, creation and execution of automated and manual test scripts and implementation of tools in line with company enterprise standards

● Deploy new releases of the system to production

● Troubleshoot and bug fix reported issues with the system

● Keep the code libraries and based technology up to date

● Create and maintain documentation for the application

● Collaborate with Product Owner, Testers and business users in PST time zone and technical resources in connected systems and platforms

● Support of manual testing activities

● Coordinate the team’s work and assure high quality of deliverables

Technical skills

● 5+ years of professional experience in the following technologies

○ Backend: Java, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Data

○ Front End: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Angular, Webpack

○ Databases: Oracle, MongoDB, Redis

○ Source Code Management & Tools: Git/Bitbucket, Maven, Jenkins

○ Infrastructure: Linux, Tomcat

○ Architectural concepts: Microservices, cloud (Openstack), containers (Docker)

Soft skills:

● Fluent in English

● Excellent communication skills

● Strong ownership and accountability mindset

● Agile mindset and experience in agile delivery methodologies such as Scrum, etc.

● Experience in working in a global environment

● Quick learners

● Self organized, reliable and precise

● Available for occasional travels (1-2 times per year or 1-2 weeks per month)

● Available for remote meeting after 5pm 2-3 times per week

How to apply
Send a resume to [email protected]
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